Victoria Staff


It’s 100% a cliché to say “I don’t remember not writing music” but that’s true. My parents put me in piano lessons when I was 5, to which I was more interested in playing the pieces I made up than the music I was assigned. I took a more “formal” approach to writing music (as in, it didn’t all just live in my head) when I was 10. At 13, I wrote the first song that would appear on my debut album – The Blue Book Project – called “100 or Less.” While I love the song, that project should live at the bottom of the ocean as 17-year-old me had no idea what she was doing when she recorded it. 

When I was in university I started pursuing music with more vigor, I recorded The Blue Book Project, I played at bars around Vancouver, and got my hands dirty on some of your favourite social media platforms – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and most recently TikTok. 

I write music for the same reasons I run and bake and hang out with friends and family – it makes me feel better. I (like a lot of people) struggle with my mental health. Writing music has always supported that, it gave me a way to process complex emotions at a really young age. At 10, and 16, and fuck even now, I didn’t and don’t always know how to process pain, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Writing music was a way to make sure my head didn’t explode. 

There are some incredible artists and songs that have changed my life and the way I see the world, and I just want one person to hear how I feel and be moved by it. The other day a girl messaged me that “Records & Honesty” was getting her through her breakup and I cried because it reminded me of how that song got me through a heartbreak. I write music to help myself, I share it to help other people. 

Currently, I live in Toronto and have a day job – 1) because it pays the bills and 2) I’m obsessed with my day job and find it really fulfilling. I spend my weeknights and some weekends dragging my friends and family to various venues in Toronto to watch me play songs I wrote on my bedroom floor. I’m also working on a project that has taken me seven years to write, record, produce, promote, and release and frankly I’m just excited for other people to experience the joy I had making this happen. 




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