Vicky von Vicky


Vicky von Vicky is an indie rock band from Toronto, ON featuring Michael Wynn on guitar and vocals, Rolston Miller on bass, and Tom Nesbitt on guitar. Originating in the late 1990s, the band was formed by former members of Trains of Winter (Kingston, Ontario), along with Wynn’s brother Chris Wynn (guitar). Recently replaced by Nesbitt (who was previously part of London, Ontario’s The Others). Within the local Toronto music scene, Vicky von Vicky quickly established themselves as an act to watch in their early years.

Following the release of two albums in 1998 (self titled) & 2000 (“Farmers & Artists”), the band took a hiatus in 2001.

In 2019, after almost 2 decades the band reunited, paying tribute to a friend and former band member. This “second chance” allowed Vicky von Vicky to regroup and make a triumphant return to the Toronto music scene. With a renewed focus, they are eager to unveil fresh new music and forge connections with people who like listening to something just a little different.

Vicky von Vicky’s distinctive sound draws inspiration from punk, grunge, classic rock, and soul & hip hop. However, their music is not a genre mash-up. They delve into themes of love, loss, and life experiences, expressing themselves with candidness, vulnerability and a big serving of humour. The result is Vicky von Vicky music.




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