Vicki Lovelee


Vicki Lovelee is a Chinese Canadian alt-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Markham, Ontario. Her music combines pop with dark, dramatic sounds; fused with orchestral instrumentations. She is a combination of fierce yet vulnerable; having an eccentric persona like Lady Gaga and lush lyricisms like Lana Del Rey. Her theatrical elements are also inspired by MARINA, Melanie Martinez and Phantom of the Opera.

Lovelee dives into topics like mental health, heartbreak, religion and self growth. “I’m a huge advocate for mental health awareness and believe in the acceptance of all cultures and identities” says Lovelee. “I take painful experiences and turn them into music and empowerment.” Lovelee frequently uses skulls, pink paint and eccentric black clothing to help tell her story. “Writing and creating music has helped me find myself and my place in the world. And I hope my songs can do the same for you — to give you a space of belonging.” Her new single “Retaliate” will be part of an upcoming album, coming in Fall 2023.

Lovelee graduated from York University’s Music Program, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She also completed Canada’s Music Incubator’s Artist Entrepreneur Program in 2021. She has performed at events such as Toronto Chinatown Festival (2022) and Night It Up! (Markham, Ontario, 2022). She has accumulated 70K+ streams on music platforms and have received notable grants from FACTOR, Ontario Arts Council, SOCAN Foundation and Unison Fund. Vicki Lovelee continues to pull listeners close with her eccentric performance style and theatrical edge.




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