Vast Robot Armies


It all began in October 2013. A story of extraordinary circumstances.

I had just released my debut album: Goodnight Myopia. It had been a project born out of my interest in creating a record as a one man band. Pleased with the end result; I still felt as though it was missing something.

About 2 weeks after it’s release, a friend of mine reached out to me with a link to a band he had been listening to called Sundiver. After taking a listen to their EP I knew I had found my sonic allies.

I knew I wanted to make music with them.

During the next couple weeks, there was a spike in interest in my record butone particular action caught my eye. It was a post from John Agee (ofSundiver) saying how much he was enjoying the new record. It was morethan a coincidence and decided to contact him. I eventually gained the courage to approached him about the possibility of collaborating. He loved the idea and suggested that his guitarist also get involved.

They decided to travel to Toronto to meet for the first time. And in October I made the trip down to Kansas City. 2 days later we drove up to Chicago to rehearse and record the album.

2 countries and 3 cities later, “Little Creatures” was born! 





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