TIO is from Toronto, Canada. TIO make music from a self feeding wellspring of churning, purple and black waves which says; “you could sit there, or stand, but we are invoking THE invitation, and it is open, swaying and dropping.


http://auteurresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ART-1_preview-wpcf_500x456.jpg http://auteurresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/DSC_5855-full-1_preview-wpcf_500x432.jpg




TIO is featured on DOPECAUSEWESAID with new single ‘Hyena’!


Ride the Tempo shares ‘Hyena’ the brilliant new track from TIO!


Grayowl Point have The Crowleys and TIO both in their Audible/Visual Hoots round-up!


TIO getting the add over on Dummy’s Spotify playlist!


TIO premieres new ‘Hyena’ single on Impose’s Week In Pop!


TIO has a new video for ‘Dirt’ and it’s up on The Devil Has The Best Tuna!


Brand new TIO getting some love from Electronic North!


TIO and Terra Lightfoot up on Impose’s ‘Week In Pop’.


There is a reason that TIO’s ‘Dirt’ video is Video Of The Week at The Violet Wave!


All Things Go premieres the new TIO track/video for ‘Dirt’.

“TIO‘s latest video for “Dirt” is a hypnotic critique of commercial overreach. Vocals burn low and slow like darkwave’s first incantations and nightmarish imagery flashes on an almost subliminal level, pulled from half-awake minds.”


TIO comes in at #78 and Fog Lake at #34 in My Old Kentucky Blog’s top albums of 2015 List!


TIO’s debut EP lands at #7 on Silent Shout’s Best EPs of 2015!

“Since the moment TIO crept into our inbox, we knew that we had something special on our hands. The densely layered electro-pop project, shrouded in mystery, features some of most intense production we have heard from a virtually unknown band in quite some time. Single after single of immaculate artistry came out, and now we […]


Fog Lake, Scattered Clouds & TIO make Wavelength Music Series’ Top 100 essential songs of 2015 alongside a pile of other great artists!


New review of TIO’s EP from Silent Shout.

“Each track is different from the one that comes before, but they’re all bonafide pop hits worthy of repeated listens.”


Fog Lake and TIO are part of Silent Shout’s best of October.


Grayowl Point reviews the new EP from TIO!

” the band and their music are so mysterious that the answers may slip through your fingers without you even realizing it.”  


TIO and Bass Lions in HAFILAX.com’s “Mailbag Mixdown”.

Check out the tracks at the link!


Silent Shout premieres the new video from TIO. Watch “Seeing It Go” now!

” a song that’s so perfectly submerged and subtle, and even more subdued than anything we’ve yet heard from them. Love that lush chorus. So warm and dreamy!”  


Hear TIO’s EP first at Chart Attack!

The debut EP from TIO is out next week.


New Best of September playlist from Indie Music Filter features songs fromThe Elwins, For Esmé, and TIO.



TIO is Novella Magazine’s Artist To Watch!

“This is the music for daydreamers, wanderers, or anyone who wishes they could experience a Kerouac-style expedition for love and fulfilment.”


New video from TIO up on Indie Music Filter.

Debut EP out October 9th.


Silent Shout features the new TIO single.

“We can’t get enough of this shadowy TIO project, really. More please, mystery band!”  


Blimp Rock and TIO featured on this week’s “Audible/Visual Hoots” at Grayowl Point!


New TIO single up on PressPLAY.

“gloriously dreamy indie. Fully deserving of your time”


TIO’s new tune up at The Daily Listening!

“…sure to perk your ears up and give previous goosebumps a run for their money”


New TIO single premiere at yvynyl today!

“Two stories tangled into one. Two lovers separated by space. Two moments shared with one song.”


The Joy of Violent Movement has the new video for TIO!

“The recently released official video for “Day Fort” is comprised of murky and foreboding imagery, which seems to heighten the song’s anxious, paranoid menace.”


New TIO video for “Day Fort” premieres at Noisey…right now!

“In the mood for something that goes beyond the collective unconscious?“Day Fort” is a song you can dance to, with or without drugs.”


TIO’s “Day Fort” still sitting in the Top 25 on It’s My Kind of Scene!

After one week TIO‘s “Day Fort” still sitting in the Top 25 on It’s My Kind of Scene!


Stellar playlist from Silent Shout. This month they feature both For Esmé and TIO!


New TIO single part of Alan Cross Official’s New Music From The Inbox.


New TIO single “Day Fort” is one of Chart Attack’s Best Songs of May!

New TIO single “Day Fort” is one of Chart Attack’s Best Songs of May!


TIO’s new single featured on The Joy of Violent Movement.

“TIO’s latest single “Day Fort” continues the sound and aesthetic that first caught my attention – ominously swirling electronics, skittering percussion, bursts of angular guitar and cascading synths paired with ethereal falsetto vocals singing lyrics that seem to accurately describe an anxious, paranoid sense of menace. In some way, repeated listens suggest that the duo […]


TIO single on Canadian Beats today!

TIO. Canadian Beats. Saved for the night.


Ride the Tempo features TIO’s “Day Fort”.

Mark at Ride the Tempo is also following the different faces of TIO


Silent Shout features the new TIO track “Day Fort”.

“Day Fort” is certainly more of a dance-floor banger than the slow burn of their previous outings, but the complex arrangement are still there along with an inherent gothy experimentation that you know we love.” As always Silent Shout is bang on. Listen to TIO’s new single “Day Fort” now.


New TIO single coming at you via Book’s Music!

“Whatever it means for you, it’s yours.” New TIO single coming at you!


Chart Attack premieres new single “Day Fort” today.

The mystery of TIO continues to evolve.


TIO listed in Musik Mig Blidt’s Best of March.


Silent Shout’s Best of March Mix includes the new single from TIO and a ton of other great tracks.



TIO in KAKTBLUT Magazine

Described as a “rebirth and transmutation”, the video for TIO‘s ‘A Simple Way’ is something that will quite literally embed itself into your brain. –KALTBLUT Magazine


Quick Before It Melts features the new single and video from TIO

“highly charged visual treat.”


This week’s video roundup from Grayowl Point features both The Nursery and TIO.

Watch the video’s here!


FRINGE MUSIC FIX has the new video for TIO ‘s “A Simple Way” via Silent Shout.

Watch TIO’s A Simple Way here.


New TIO! The always awesome Silent Shout has the new video premiere.

Watch “A Simple Way” now. “their music lends itself perfectly to mystery and intrigue.”


Sound Injections has the new TIO track for your earballs

Listen to A Simple Way here!


TIO premieres their next single at Impose today!

“Like a swarm of electrical locusts or crackling power lines, TIO begins the heavy hitting percussion like a hard rain of lead-weighted canon balls falling upon beds of quicksand.”