The Sarandons


The Sarandons hail from Toronto. Influences like Wilco, Kurt Vile, Dr Dog, and Cage the Elephant percolate through their brand of rock & roll, which spans Americana, neo-psychedelia, and indie rock. The Sarandons is the fully collaborative endeavour of Toronto music stalwarts Damian Coleman (vocals, bass), Edmund Cummings (vocals, keys), Craig Keeney (lead guitar), Phil Skot (drums) and Dave Suchon (vocals, guitar).

Dripping guitar tones, billowing keyboard melodies, and defiant bass and drums all contribute to the textured sound of The Sarandons. Songs are bittersweet, rich with nostalgia and tell stories that are familiar but just out of reach. While loose and lo-fi, their music is succinct and fastidiously arranged with action packed songs topping out at the 3-4 minute mark.




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