The Motion Epic


The Motion Epic is a synth-pop trio with a heartland rock twist that transports listeners to another place and time. Guided by Pat DiMeo’s powerhouse vocals and Aaron “Mister the Kid” Henry’s electrifying guitar, with Nick “Kalimocho” Colbert on keys and drums, they deliver a sound that’s both nostalgically familiar and undeniably fresh.

The band was formed by DiMeo in 2018 with the help of long time collaborator Andreas Koliakoudakis (who still co-produces and mixes their records to this day) with Colbert and Henry joining ranks soon after; all of them fueled by a shared love of the 80’s – when synthesizers and infectious melodies ruled the charts. With five critically acclaimed albums under their belt – “Midnight,” “West Coast Dreams,” “Boardwalk Arcadia,” “Deep in the Heart of America,” and “Saturday Night Motel Music” – they’ve amassed a loyal fanbase, racking up over 2 million streams on Spotify. Their music transcends genre, drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen, while infusing it with their own signature flair.

The Motion Epic achieved the bulk of their success before ever even setting foot on stage. Their studio recordings alone create such a powerful connection with their fans that their very first performance was a capacity crowd in the famed Arlene’s Grocery in New York City. The band seems to always leave fans wanting more, and in turn they release new material at a prolific rate, solidifying The Motion Epic as a leading force in the modern retro-pop movement.




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