TEROUZ is the guise of Cairo born Illustrator/singer songwriter Karim Terouz, who moved to Montreal in 2008.

Before transforming his band into an electro-rock act, Karim fronted and managed his award winning, brassy, folk/rock quintet ’’The Rising Few’’.He released his first album Sinners On St-Laurent in 2014 followed by his second ‘’Adult Entertainment’’ in 2017.

In 2018, Karim re-invents his music by incorporating dancehall beats and synths into his 80s/90s alternative roots. Terouz started playfully utilising his signature ‘’Bowie-esque’’ vocals to re-emerge as a refreshingly unique variation of hypnotic, Alternatif-noir.

The vocal swagger in the frontman’s first single ‘’Outstanding’’ is complemented by muscular, groovy bass lines and nostalgic, ’’Knofler-ish’’ guitar fills played by guitarist/bassist Andre Galamba.

’’It like Cohen on a treadmill !’’ Describes the Egyptian/Canadian frontman.


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