Terence Jack


Hitchhiking across Thailand into Laos, trekking in Nepal, run-ins with the Indonesian Mafia, experimenting with hallucinogens, swimming with turtles, and doing it all before WiFi hotspots were as ubiquitous as Birkenstocks– to say that Terence Jack is an adventure junkie would be an understatement. You could even say that it defined his early twenties. Turning this travel bug into a business plan, Terence used his warm energy and infectious charisma to start his own travel company, guiding young thrill-seeking travelers through South East Asia. It wasn’t all about cliff jumping and beach parties for Terence, though. At the end of the day, Terence has always been passionate about connecting with people, and for 13 years, adventure travelling was his way of doing it.

But travel was never Terence’s only love. You could call music Terence’s high school sweetheart – his first true love that he never really got over. In 2015, he made the difficult choice to leave his thriving travel company to dive all-in with music, penning his first full-length album Never Get Back (2016). He’s since lived in Canada, China, and the USA, writing and performing at every opportunity.

After the exhausting catharsis of letting the who-am-I / what-am-I-doing / why-does-it-all-matter questions go, Terence has found peace being himself and has found what he’s looking for. Summer 2019 will see Terence Jack release his single “Found It,” where he hits the reset button; casting aside his guitar, picking up a 90s XP60 Roland keyboard and an OP-1 synthesizer, and redefining himself in an exploratory place. Lyrically, Terence wrestles with the idea of finding one’s place in “Found It” and how identity adapts with each shift in pursuits, singing “Maybe you found it already / found what you needed,” and he has.

Since his debut, Never Get Back, Terence Jack placed as Runner-Up in the Canadian Songwriting Competition (judged by Joel Plaskett and Sam Roberts) and has played at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (2018), JUNOFest (2018), CMW (2018), Grey Cup Festival (2017), Rifflandia (2016) and Canada 150 @ Canada Place Vancouver. Never idle, Terence now splits his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver.

“Found It” is the first single from Terence Jack’s upcoming album, Bloom, to be released in early 2020. Follow Terence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and visit www.terencejack.com for upcoming tour dates.





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