Takes an Army


The year was 2006, I asked for a drum pad for Christmas (after being infatuated with Drumline), my brother asked for a guitar. We picked names and my brother got a guitar (no idea what I got). This same year we had a guest staying at our house – we were kind of like a group home, rehabilitating people that we knew, who didn’t have emotionally safe places to be (or a stepping stone for them). From this guest, we received a gift addressed to my parents & and the chillens (which means children), normally it would be, to Harry, Yolanda and the boys. 2 months later my younger brother got a drum kit. In that duration of time my older brother and I messed around on the guitar, trying tabs etc. On my birthday 3 months later, I got a Giant Tiger guitar off a friend from school and wrote my first song a couple months after. My Dads only demand about my brother getting a drum set was, you must get lessons. He got maybe a month’s worth and then the season was over. He did not work that summer of grade 9 but in turn belted the drums learning off the legendary Travis Barker (the year he did the Soulja Boy song).

The following year I was in grade 12, we had a music program finally and decided to play bass. I had to learn by self from a music book. That year my younger brother and I along with one of our late ‘group home’ buddies hit the stage for our winter banquet, battle of the bands. We won by a long shot, but believe we lost due to an encore happening and that was not allowed, crowd even started a mosh pit, and this was at a Christian school! Long story short, my brothers and I started our own venture writing and playing our own music due to inability to learn covers. As the years went on, we progressed more and more and we met a lot of musicians, went to many concerts, influenced since we could walk by music. And here we are now.




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