T. Thomason


My name is T. Thomason, I grew up in rural Nova Scotia (Antigonish, same hometown as the Trews lol) with my mom and dad and cats and dog. My parents are both in the arts as well (mom, Shelley Thompson, is probably best known for playing Barb in Trailer Park Boys, or the step mom in Labyrinth) and have always been incredibly supportive of me pursuing this wild life. I put out 3 records between the ages of 14 – 19 and then took a little break from music. During that break I worked all kinds of jobs from being grilled cheese sandwich artist to being a peer counselor at a crisis counselling centre in Toronto for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness (they are similar jobs, tbh).

I started making music again after figuring out some life stuff (mainly that I had to change my name, pronouns, and start testosterone hormone therapy while figuring out if a career in music could still be a thing), and had the amazing good fortune to be chosen as a participant on CTV’s The Launch, after releasing an EP and a few singles on my own.
Through a roller coaster of a time, I ended up being “launched” on the Launch, and released the single HOPE. Things have been a bit nuts since then and I’ve had a few experiences I could have never imagined, that I’ll never forget like…
-Recording with Alex Hope, who’s produced music for Troye Sivan, Tove Lo, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Tegan and Sarah,
-Showing up at a Troye Sivan concert and being on the guestlist
-Playing the Bell Centre to a sold out crowd with Marie-Mai -Attending the 2019 Junos with a backstage pass as Sarah McLachlan’s guest
-Having a song in the top 40 at Canadian pop radio
-Seeing my own Godzilla face on a Spotify Billboard above the Toronto Eaton Centre!
Other than all that nuts stuff, I have a cat I love, her name is Marnie. I do some acting here and there – just played the lead in a teen horror movie called Halloween Party that my mom was in too and is picking up some steam at genre festival in Europe. I’m a float ambassador at the Floatation Centre in Halifax….and recently I’ve been converted to the obsession of bouldering! Wee!





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