Brooding, introverted and volatile are words which merely grasp at fitting SOMBRA’s music into a niche. Based out of Montreal, Canada and led by producer / multi-instrumentalist Matthew Cataldo, the project flirts with the borders of genre and style, often shifting moods within the same song, much like the subconscious mind can wander alone in a dark room. SOMBRA blends chunky, hip-hop inspired electronic beats with alt-rock sensibility; heavily distorted bass riffs with spiralling synth and guitar lines are the foundation on which melodic vocal lines sit. Inwards-looking and begging to wage war on the inner psyche, SOMBRA’s music is a window into the human condition.

As a follow up to the debut 2018 “SOMBRA” EP, the group will be releasing their debut full-length album titled “Free From Interruption” on November 27, 2020. Alongside Matthew Cataldo (lead vocals, guitars, synth), SOMBRA is Kyle Jeffery Andrews (percussion, samplers) and Argentinian musician Daiana Bolini (bass, synth, backing vocals). SOMBRA has been featured in publications across North America including Exclaim! Magazine, New Noise Magazine, Canadian Beats Magazine. They have also been featured in Spotify playlists: Outliers, PBR & Flannel, AAA Backstage Weekly Catch and Montreal Fresh.




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