Slow Death Lights


After the successful release of Slow Death Lights’ 2015 EP “Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare” the band has returned in 2017 with their self-titled full-length album to be released worldwide on March 3, 2017. The Toronto-based stoner rock band have been grinding it out on the local scene playing any and all shows they could book and people have been taking notice. After a year of playing live, the SDL have been approached by music festivals and record labels, all of which the band is taking in stride. Without a doubt the guys are going against the grain with an ambitious goal or reviving stoner/desert rock in Canada, and although it’s a hard road, they are ready to blaze the trail.

The upcoming album was produced and engineered by drummer/singer Andre Skinner and co-produced by Brant Bjork. Although SDL aligned themselves with some big names, getting to a final product was no easy task. The band travelled as far south as Joshua Tree CA. to record two songs straight to tape at Bjork’s desert studio then returned to Toronto to complete the remaining 7 at Skinner’s studio. With an ever-growing local fan base, the band will be very active locally in Toronto and will be booking tour dates for 2017. The band’s new singles are “City of Lights” and “Peach” which are du for worldwide release in mid January 2017.





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“They do also allow it to take a couple seconds to grab some air which adds some desert dust to the atmosphere before tearing off back down the highway again to finally reach it’s destination of knocking your face off. A great song.”  


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