Significant Other


Five years after the end of his last musical project Inlet Sound, Montreal-native Michael Wexler is stepping forward into his first solo-project with the name Significant Other. Under the new moniker and striving for both energy and intimacy, Michaelʼs first forthcoming release “Kimberlite” is built from the output of a brain constantly seeking serotonin while over-analyzing every incoming and outgoing signal from the past years. 

This musical project is a deeply personal attempt to put voice and lyric to the ever-changing circumstances of a life examined. Stepping away from collective songwriting towards solitary musings that are vulnerable and unapologetic has been the trajectory of this project, although it has stalled for the last number of years – but as the new decade rears its head, it seems as though it is time to bear fruit.

“Kimberlife” is out March 13th.




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