Shay Esposito


Shay Esposito is a Canadian singer-songwriter form Edmonton, Alberta. With experience in all genres of music from jazz to progressive metal, Shay finally made her home in a unique style of alternative pop. Her music touches on topics that many other shy away from; she is not afraid to share her life in her lyrics. Her music is honest, thought-provoking, and speaks a truth many are afraid to face.

Music has always been a part of Shay’s identity. At the age of two, Shay approached her parents and declared that she wanted to be Michael Jackson, demanding to “go where they teach you to sing.” Her love story-telling came soon after, and she would often spend an afternoon forcing her mother to write out the stories she thought up, because she herself hadn’t learned to write yet. This passion grew into song-writing and poetry in her early teens, although Shay remains an aspiring author, claiming her next big goal after becoming a pop sensation is to release a series of fantasy novels.

In addition to these aspirations, Shay is also a huge advocate for mental health awareness, and has spent much of her time visiting schools and speaking to students on behalf of this cause. Shay uses her music and talent for lyrics to share her story in an attempt to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and become a role model for today’s youth. Shay believes in the power that music has to pull people together, even in their darkest times, and she believes that by sharing her own struggles, perseverance, and triumphs, she can bring more awareness to the issue, and show today’s youth that they are not alone in their struggles.




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