Shawn Desman


After headlining Drake’s OVO homecoming kick-off July ‘22, Canadian icon Shawn Desman marked an unprecedented return to the limelight for one of Canada’s biggest success stories. A top charting, multi-platinum selling, award-winning artist created some of the most recognized songs of past 2 decades. With fans across the country, undeniable talent, & music that just sticks, Shawn Desman made his mark on an entire generation of Canadians w/ his signature sound & style.

The release of “Maniac” further solidified Shawn Desman amongst the top echelon of Canadian Artists – reaching Top 10 at Pop Radio in Canada (for 4 weeks!) and garnering over 380 Million impressions in just one month! From 6ix Buzz and BuzzFeed, to The Social and CBC Q he proved that his fanbase is here to stay and there is no shortage of love for the one-and-only Shawn Desman.

Behind this perfectly sticky pop-anthem from Canada’s homegrown hero, comes a powerful personal message that was inspired by a life-altering emergency surgery that his wife Chantel went through earlier this year. A love letter to his wife, “Love Me With The Lights On” was his reminder to her that she is beautiful and sexy, just the way she is. This message is a universal reminder that sometimes what we see as a flaw, is exactly what makes us special.

In partnership with revolutionary global brand KNIX, Shawn Desman will inspire millions to embrace their body just the way it is – with the lights on!




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