Serena Sun


Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and producer Serena Sun is creating alternative pop tracks that speak to the soul. Serena shares her experience in navigating the highs and lows of life through her unique melodies and honest lyrics. Her songs demand to be listened to, and her words have the power to move those who feel alone in their pain.

While Serena was born and raised in Canada, she spent the last decade living in different parts of the US, China, and Chile. A constant uprooting of community and lack of belonging left Serena questioning what really mattered in life. Serena’s reflections began taking shape in the form of songs, and seemingly by chance, her artist project was born.

In 2019, Serena released “Idk How To Stop,” a self-produced track about feeling lost and escaping hardships. Later that year, “Release Me,” a heartfelt ballad about loss and letting go, was released in collaboration with Vancouver-based producer, Jeremy Lim. This was followed by the release of “Something More,” a track that dives deep into seeking a greater inner purpose and moving forward when life seems dark.

Inspired by a mix of indie pop and ambient soundscapes, Serena fuses the two with her airy vocals to create a unique, emotion-driven sound. Serena’s new single “Everyone I Run From” will be available September 30th, 2020 – the first in a growing catalogue of music to share in the upcoming year.




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