San James


Somewhere between the explosion and the shelter, there is San James, a humble monument to the lost battles and to the victorious wars; to the hearts destroyed along the way and to the courage it takes to keep swimming, even when the river is burning. Songs to document our infinite capacity for love and hate, perhaps.

After the release of No One Changes Overnight in 2016, Montreal native San James would strike back two years later with Bridges, a second EP whose first single “One Hundred Faces” would waste no time garnering the attention of radio stations across Canada, climbing at number one on CBC Radio 3’s charts the following summer.

Fuelled by the release of a second single entitled “White Walls” — an unsettling dark-pop piece that could very well take on any of her American contemporaries’ best work —, the singer-songwriter would hit the road soon after, as an opening act for Quebec’s beloved artist and musician Elliot Maginot.




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