Say hello to Rozette, and sink your teeth, into BITE—the big, powerful, wild, fun, sexy, quirky and SO empowering it’s-basically-selfish spring anthem you didn’t know you needed.

Rozette has been sharing her big, powerful and technically masterful voice across North America for the past decade. With the power of Gaga, the attitude of Pink and the old-soul maturity of Adele, Rozette’s upcoming EP combines and unleashes her #sorrynotsorry, empowering, feminist spirit like none of her previous work.

BITE is about indulging in all those things you want, that for some ridiculous reason we’re still led to believe aren’t acceptable, or worse, “lady-like” to want. Things like: confidence, sex, spontaneity, being loud, being sassy, and behaving with an utter shamelessness throughout it all.

Following BITE, “Fallback”, Rozette’s LGBTQ tribute, will be released July 8, just in time to soak in the empowering vibes in high summer.




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