Rose Brokenshire


From the melodic lull of ocean vibes to the intricacies of the human condition, Rose Brokenshire makes music that seamlessly marries both desolation and daydreams. Using ambient vocals and atmospheric musical elements, she transcends her listeners from a simple chord progression into a unique listening environment drenched in heart-searching reverberations.

For eight years, Rose has spent summers as a wildland firefighter and winters pursuing music. She has evolved from writing folk music and playing weekly live shows in her hometown of Toronto, to writing ambient electronic tunes from her cozy little home in a small mountain town in British Columbia. You can feel the much needed change of pace through a peaceful and present musical style she has newly crafted.

Rose’s new music incorporates subtle elements from her roots of writing folk music, but mainly focuses on ethereal lo-fi bedroom feels and ambient electronics. The debut of her new sound came in 2020 with her EP In A Spell, a collection of five songs full of drifting harmonies and wavering synths, subtle percussion and an ethereal soundscape that gently carries the listener through a poetic, intimate and honest journey of shared sentiments and tenderness.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Rose Brokenshire, as 2022 has some big and beautiful releases in store.




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