Rory Taillon


Alternative indie folk singer Rory Taillon has a voice that needs to be heard. Since 2012 Rory has released three albums and two EPs with his fourth full length album “Now It’s Quiet” being released in August of 2024. The first single to be released from the album is “Hatchet” and will be coming out May 28th, 2024. Rory has been touring Canada for over a decade performing on stages in coffee shops and living rooms to concert halls and festivals. He has shared stages with the likes of Stephen Fearing, Zeus, Jeff Martin of the Tea Party, Adrian Sutherland and Julian Taylor to name a few. Rory was trained as a classical singer from a young age and his years of study are evident in the power and control that he has over his voice. He uses his warm guitar tone, haunting lyrics, dynamic voice, layers of looping and the thumping of his kick drum to take the audience on a journey through his set from exhilarating highs to emotional lows. He does not shy away from difficult subjects in his music. Dealing with loss, grief and living with the struggles of mental health issues. Rory’s tall stature and striking presence are contrasted beautifully by his soft gentle demeanour and his vulnerable lyrics. “…When Rory Taillon sings everything stops and when it starts again it’s all changed. It’s just that simple, like folk.” – Will McGuirk, Slowcity Magazine




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