A self-taught multi-disciplinary artist – Romana experiments with several mediums to express her journey as a woman of colour in Toronto. 

Romana is a singer/songwriter, painter, installation artist and experience designer. As an expressionist and artist, Romana feels that it is her responsibility to use her art as a platform for awareness. Her music specifically lends a voice to the issues and ideas that are important to her and the many diverse communities she belongs to. Romana’s music addresses identity, belonging and healing. Topics that are not often addressed in the mainstream, Romana’s messages are made accessible and easily consumable through smooth 90s R&B-inspired sounds. Her musical style is definitely a reflection of her experience growing up in a desi household in the 90s.

As an experience designer and installation artist, you can expect that her concert experiences will definitely be unique and truly something you have never experienced before. Her unique experiences and installations have already been featured in People Magazine, TorontoLife, VICE and the Toronto Star while her music was just recently featured in Rolling Stones IN. Romana is changing the way we view artists today and giving people everywhere permission to do it all.




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