Rob Dickson


My first album was kind of a personal statement. A lot of the songs were stories or poems that reflected where I was in my life, the transition into adulthood, and becoming a father. In 2016, on my way back from some shows in Ontario, I remember thinking about what would inform my next record. I’ve always thought a lot about how experiences and memories tend to colour my view of the world, and how they establish predispositions and biases. A lot of people never acknowledge how coloured their vision of the world is. I think that effect is amplified as the world continues to become more violent and torn. I started writing down some lyrics and actually wrote the beginnings of one of the song’s for this record [Holding Steady] during that flight. I actually wrote a lot of the songs sitting in planes, trains or cars, looking out the window. When I started compiling songs for the album, I noticed that a lot of the stuff I had written also had characters that were grappling with memories and perspective.





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