Red Farrow


From the farm to the dance floor, Red Farrow grew up on a small dairy farm in Southern Ontario. Surrounded by music his whole life, having grown up in a small church, Red began music production later after attending university overseas in Korea. Red studied at the Harris Institute for Music in Toronto in 2014 and then released his first single, “Chasing Highs” (feat. Alyssa Rae), in 2019 which received over 1 million streams worldwide. Red has since released 12 songs that exist within pop and house music and he is greatly influenced by the many incredible musicians he has had the pleasure to collaborate with. There is a lot of incredible art and culture in this city but there is room to grow in terms of queer visibility. As a queer artist Red aims to incorporate community value in all his music. Red works with new artists to help learn production, and develop artist profiles. Art never belongs to us; we only shape, recreate, and combine what already exists to share with others.




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