Ray Henderson


A tough-sensitive singer-songwriter from northern Ontario, Ray Henderson combines the darkness of Johnny Cash, the storytelling of Kris Kristofferson with the gravitas of John Prine.

Here’s the tough part: Ray Henderson hails from Bancroft, Ontario, Born in 1956, Henderson spent his youth fighting. Debuting in 1980, he was a light heavyweight boxer, ultimately taking a bronze medal in the Canadian National Championships, before retiring in 1992.

And now the sensitive part: Ray saw John Prine performing live on television. Ray felt like Prine was reaching out through the TV to him. Since then, music has been therapeutic for Ray. He also mentions Willie Nelson and Gordon Lightfoot as influences.

Henderson’s debut album, BROKE DOWN IN BALA, emerged from Toronto’s open mic scene where Henderson is a regular. Back in the 90s he would drive down to the Free Times Cafe in Toronto every Monday from Muskoka. Returning in 2022, he met musician and producer Loren Davie who agreed to produce BROKE DOWN IN BALA. Now the world can hear Henderson’s music, poignant at times and raucous at others.

BROKE DOWN IN BALA is the first release on the Toronto-based epijam label.




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