The band is a quartet of kindred spirits from Toronto, Ontario, united by their mutual desire to seamlessly blend their esoteric musical tastes into something ineffable and new. Krautrock with an abundance of melody. Electronic with organic expression. Shoegaze with personality. The result is nothing short of a futuristic expression of the current day. Lush space and heavy drums make themselves at home among pulsing electronics and squelching guitars.





Pet Sun, Lanikai, Elephant Stone, and Programm are part of CBC Music’s top songs of 2016!


Programm up to #3 on this week’s R3-30 at CBC Music!

Don Vail and The Bandicoots also holding strong!


Programm at #4. The Bandicoots at #11. Don Vail at #26. A GREAT Monday thanks to CBC Music’s R3-30!


Don Vail enters the CBC Music’s R3-30! The Bandicoots moving up to #13, and Programm is in the top ten!


Both Programm and The Bandicoots are moving up the CBC Music R3-30!


Programm’s debut LP (Out on The Hand!) reviewed at Silent Shout!

“Their attention to detail is a thing to behold – the number of layers to be found in this record, and every note and sound seems to be meticulously chosen. Programm have a vision and it has found its ultimate realization here. Can’t wait for what this band does next.”  


Another review for Programm’s new LP from Independent Music News!

“It’s a composition that overpowers you, with layers and layers of effects driven guitars reaching a crescendo and fading into nothingness.”


Mark at Ride the Tempo reviews the debut album by Programm.

Out now on The Hand!


Programm latest ‘Jukai’ makes CBC Radio 3’s R3-30 this week at the 27th spot, Humans also staying in the line-up!


You need to watch Programm’s gorgeous new video at Ohestee!


Programm and Humans are must see acts at Canadian Music Week!. – blogTO


New Programm LP reviewed at Exclaim!.

“…it’s an enchanting matrix to get lost in. Guided by cold vocal takes from Jackie Game and Jacob Soma, it’s all floated through the pulsing, daisy-chained vein of cold wave and Joy Division-era post-punk.”


Programm included on The Revue’s ‘Weekend Showcase’! Debut LP out now!


New video from Programm up on Chart Attack!


Watch the new Programm video for ‘Waiting’ at GroundSounds!


Noisey is premiering the new video from Programm today!

Debut LP out now on The Hand!


Ben at The Revue reviews the debut LP from Programm.

“It’s a wonderful place to reside, where the spiritual and the impossible coexist.”  


Head to The Spill Magazine for an exclusive look at a new live video of from Programm.

Check out “ZeroZeroZero” from The Lapse Sessions. Debut LP out tomorrow! iTunes: CD/VINYL:


Exclaim! has the premiere of Programm’s debut LP ‘A Torrid Marriage of Logic and Emotion’ today!

Out April 22nd on The Hand!


Northern Transmissions names “Jukai” by Programm the “Video of the Day”!


Indie Underground features the new Programm single and video.

Debut LP out next week!


New Programm video is premiering at EARMILK today!

Debut LP is out April 22nd on The Hand!


Debut LP from Programm is out this April! Chart Attack premieres a live video of “Chemical Fires” from The Lapse Sessions.


WindfallFound and Programm in PT 1 of Quick Before It Melts favourite songs of 2015.


Programm’s “Like The Sun” is on Indie Underground’s Best Songs of 2015!

Spotify it up!


Pet Sun, For Esmé, Programm, The Dirty Nil, Spells Of Vertigo, Twin Within, and The Holy Gasp make Do416’s best songs list.

So much goodness.


Another great review for Programm by Shiver zine!

Another great review for Programm. This time from from our good friends at Shiver Webzine in Itlay.


You must see Programm at NXNE. Indie Underground says so!


Fantastic review of Programm’s new EP at Exploding Head Syndrome

“really gets the blood pumping”  


New Programm EP reviewed by Mark at Ride the Tempo.

“…the music is fascinating. The throbbing synthetic bass and the industrial drones are the rhythms of the modern city.”


Interview with Jackie from Programm up on Sound Analys

“Like The Sun” EP out now.


Programm reviewed at Can I May I.

“…meaningful themes packaged in lush soundscapes, just in time for summer.”  


Quick Before It Melts features Programm’s cover of the Clinic classic.

“Programm’s version strips any of Clinic’s chart-courting populist tendencies away to reveal a song with dark undertones, and haunting passages. Where Clinic went on Letterman wearing surgical masks to play this song, I picture Programm wearing balaclavas and carrying Grim Reaper-style staffs. And I like it.”


Fantastic review of the new Programm EP from Silent Shout.

“Their stellar 4-track EP, Like the Sun, conjures up synesthetic memories of rainy summer nights; how the trees crackle as the breeze sways their branches, how the warm smell of rain liberates the smell of summer…”


The A.V. Club premiered Programm’s cover of “Walking With Thee”

Programm released a cover of @Clinic’s “Walking With Thee” today. The A.V. Club premiered it.


Programm is currently #16 on CBC Music’s R3-30.

See the R3-30: Canada’s Top Indie Songs for March 2, 2015 here.


CONFRONT Magazine reviews the new Programm EP.

“Like The Sun” is out now!


Another fantastic review of Programm’s new EP.

Lithium Magazine had this to say: “…haunting in black and white, mysterious and sensual, illustrating the true sense of freedom and lust.


New Programm EP reviewed at BestFan.

“This album takes the meaning of psychedelic to the next level.”


Programm’s debut EP ‘Like The Sun’ celebrates post-punk beauty and darkness.

Earmilk has the exclusive premiere of the EP now!


Programm is one of Wolfwizard Radio’s best of January!

See Wolfwizard’s list here!


PROGRAMM “Like The Sun”

Programm’s new single featured on Quick Before It Melts.


Programm one of Stereogum’s top videos of this week!

Watch the video now!


Chart Attack has the new Programm video for your eyeballs.

“The stark imagery plays well with the four-piece’s bold bass and shimmering guitar lines and Jackie Game’s buoyant, grandiose vocals.”


The debut video from Programm is premiering at Stereogum this very second!

“Beautifully shot in black and white, the video is filled with images of waterfalls, rocky cliffs, and luscious forests with a minimalist quality which perfectly accompanies the song”