Ponytails came to fruition in March 2016, spawned from best friends Harvey Merrit (vocals, bass) and Travis Goeres (lead guitar) love of pizza and the theme music of Sylvester Stallone movies. Liam Less (bass, rhythm guitar, vocals) and Simon Furminger (drums, vocals) joined in late March and in September 2016 started working on their self titled EP.

Recorded at Little Red Sounds with Felix Fung over the course of three long days really pushed the band and producer to their fullest. The band released their first single “Pieces” on October 1st 2016 followed by a full release of the EP on November 1st.

The anticipation of their EP was strengthened by word of mouth from their electric live performances, off stage antics and DIY social media presence. They have been described as, “mutated brew of elegantly structured, psychedelically-tinged pop and rock with a decidedly retro vibe.”

Drummer Simon Furminger left the band in late September 2017, to be replaced by Graham Serl, a powerful addition to round out the bands sunburnt surf sound.

They have shared the stage with the likes of La Luz, Widowspeak, Peach Pit, and Leisure Club. Ponytails will be releasing a series of EP’s and music videos starting in August ’18 and will release a full length LP in the spring of 2019.


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“Cherry Pie” is a track that tastes as sweet as it sounds – hear the new single from Ponytails over at Sounds Good a music blog!


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