Pink Leather Jackets


Spawned from a lab experiment gone awry, living in the sewers beneath Toronto, they just wanted to make a living off of music. After master Splintah taught the four twenty-somethings the art of rock-jitsu they accomplished that goal. Now they ask what is it that made them want to be here? The answer is there’s much more to do. Starting with their debut single “Shed”, Pink Leather Jackets is introducing its music to

From the start, the bottom line for Pink Leather Jackets was having fun and making a living off of music. Having accomplished that goal shortly after the band was formed in October 2017, in the eyes of the band everything is gravy from here on out. Now Pink Leather Jackets are debuting their first EP, Good Love, to share that gravy, with their first single “Shed” followed with a whole years worth of shows across Southern Ontario. Rock’n’roll, humour, sex, and a dance your ass off attitude is what Pink Leather Jackets is oozing all about.

Pink Leather Jackets was started for the pure purpose of rocking out. Christopher James, lead vocal, wanted to be loud and make’em dance with the visceral organic sounds of distorted guitars and booming drums, not to mention a sexy voice.




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