Peter Drucker


Songwriter turned accidental frontman; Peter Drucker has developed a style that loosely threads the line between an out-of-phase Kanye blended with “Montana” era John Mayer. He creates melodies with infectious enthusiasm, and a lyrical intensity spanning a well crafted collection of glimpses into his mind.

Youthful and ambitious, Peter burst onto the scene in 2018, with an armoury of tracks ranging from electric guitar driven synth-pop, to catchy, heartfelt string-centred ballads; all aided by a uniquely soulful voice and a dominant sense of groove that leaves listeners mumbling choruses into the night.

Based out of Toronto, he is performing and writing every chance possible, honing and developing his craft by working with local and global talents such as Laguil (J-SOUL, DVBBS & lil Baby), Roy Hamilton III (George Nozulka, Mia Martina) & Kevin Howley (of Running Red Lights).

“Each song tries to say something. If people don’t talk about it, don’t respond, then it’s back to square one. But every day I wake up excited, sketching a little bit closer to whatever that truth is.”




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