Travelling across the subgenres of indie is Päter, a bold, irreverent new force in music. Boasting no B.S. songwriting and a powerful voice, Päter navigates through themes of self-discovery and mental health with light-hearted touch. It’s no wonder that after just a month of posting original music online, Päter has connected with listeners internationally.

In May 2020, Päter released their first single “Dam, Damn,” an unexpectedly jovial folk-rock tune about fending off inner demons. Victoria Anderson of Off the Record Blog praises “Päter’s incredibly strong voice and vivid lyrics were more than enough to captivate and describe an aspect of life perfectly.” In just two months, “Dam, Damn” has collected over 150,000 streams on Spotify alone.

At the core of Päter’s project is acceptance. Accepting the good, bad and ugly in yourself, and accepting those around you. Every Päter show is a safe space to dance, cry and laugh at the absurdities of life. Päter has performed in venues across Canada, lifting the spirits of audiences and making everyone feel a little bit lighter. With a debut self-produced EP, SOLE, set for release in July 2020, this is just the beginning for Päter.




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