Olivia Wik


Olivia Wik has always loved music. She likes to joke that she would sing more than she would talk. When she picked up a guitar for the first time at 8 years old, it was like a light went off. She knew that this was what she was meant to do!

As she got older, Olivia began to think more seriously about a career in the music industry and began going to conferences all over the country when she was just 16. Her hard work garnered her many awards and nominations. Olivia is a 2014 Edmonton music awards nominee (artist to watch), 2014 ACMA song of the year nominee and 5-time ACMA nominee for female artist & fan’s choice. Olivia Wik is also an accomplished songwriter with over 300 original songs in her multi-genre catalogue. Olivia has written with more than 100 songwriters from North America, Barbados, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Japan, and England.


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