Nutrients is a 5-piece group from Toronto that likes to play short, jangly songs. When described by others, Nutrients can be called anything from slacker rock to psychedelic pop. One time a guy at an ATM was heard saying, “they dress preppy, but they sound punk”. The group often elicits comparisons to Mac DeMarco for the yacht rock inspired guitar riffs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra for the disjointed pop song structures, and, every now and then, now-defunct Calgary band Women for their occasional, dissonant digressions.

The band began as a recording project in a basement deep below Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. Years of focusing on a grungier project had allowed vocalist Taylor Teeple to accumulate a stockpile of breezy, softly sung songs. These songs would appear on three home-recorded, self-released Nutrients tapes: ‘Drag On’ (2015), ‘What Tangled Webs We Weave’ (2016), and ‘Feeling Fond’ (2017), all recorded between that Plateau-Mont-Royal basement and a Roncesvalles alleyway practice space shack.

Nutrients evolved from its bedroom pop roots in 2017 when Teeple relocated to Toronto. After diving into the local scene, he emerged with the rest of Nutrients: guitarist Will Hunter, drummer Turner Wigginton, bassist Sean McKee, and keyboardist Iulia Ciobanu. Now, in 2019, at the tender ages of 26-29, the group together daydreams of becoming a dad-rock dynasty.




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