Nelson Sobral


Hard-as-nails urban soul, blues, and rock and roll, with the tenderness and twang of a roadside tavern. Toronto-based songwriter inspired by heart-worn country, northern soul, urban blues, and rock’n’roll, delivered with a spirituous temper and passion along the highways of the world. The magical voice & guitar playing of Nelson Sobral channels soul, country, blues and rock’n’roll into one transformative and cathartic late-night vision.

Nelson Sobral is a singer-songwriter guitarist hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, equally inspired by the vast, wide open spaces of the country he calls home and the labyrinthine maze of the city in which he resides. Sobral’s music is as much Americana and blues as it is soul and rock’n’roll, perfectly balanced with the energy and sound of each of his respective influences, uniting them all with one, singular mission: to move and energize audiences into an all-night frenzy and travel the world on the might of his song.

For Sobral, all that is sacred is the song, and the means by which it is delivered transcends genre. Though clearly inspired by the roots songwriting giants—the Hank Williams and the Gram Parsons of the world—Sobral’s work deserves a wider scope, a wider breadth, and a wider reach. Through the lens of soul, blues, and rock and roll, Sobral’s songwriting, paired with his incomparable voice and monster guitar playing, is fit for any stage, any night of the week, any audience, anywhere.




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