Mushy Callahan


Mushy Callahan is an indie/alternative rock band made up of four brothers who feature a unique blend of alternative rock with contemporary flare. Based out of Toronto, Ontario by way of Northern Alberta, the four-brother band has been performing together since 2013, and in their short time have completed numerous cross-country tours of Canada, as well as in the UK.

The group’s debut E.P. (“Man on The Run”) was directly followed by a full length-record (“Makings of a Man”) funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

Their grassroots approach to writing, recording and releasing their music have led them to showcases at notable festivals, such as NXNE, CMW, Edgefest and FOCUS Wales, as well as consistent radio rotation throughout North America.

The band has garnered positive responses from industry professionals, including indie88 DJ Dave “Bookie” Bookman, who highlighted the group’s music as possessing “technical prowess, with a real passion”. The band’s new EP “Revelations” is scheduled to be released in May/2018.





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