Mister Rabbit


Mister Rabbit is new, but the history is there via time spent in other projects such as Teenage Kicks, Keegan Powell, as well as Sweet and Lowdown. If a serious band resume includes making records in big studios with big producers, playing big shows, long tours, and big festivals, consider the members of Mister Rabbit overqualified for the job.

Inspired by legends like Paul Westerberg, Wilco, and Constantines, as well as relative newcomers like Phoebe Bridgers and Ruston Kelly, Mister Rabbit started to form a sonic palette that was both familiar and refreshing. Raw and honest songs are delivered by musicians who know what it feels like to be a version of themselves and want nothing to do with it anymore.

Holing up in Toronto at Genesis Sound with Matt Snell (Banners, Dua Lipa) and Jeff McMurrich (Jennifer Castle, Constantines) Mister Rabbit got to work, knowing it’s the songs that matter
most. The result is a record that sounds as warm as it does raw, a mirror image of the hearts and hands that made it.

2023 will hold a lot: new releases, new tour dates, new attitudes. As much as the future is still uncertain, Mister Rabbit is sure of one thing – getting rid of the ghosts can feel like magic.




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