Michaela May


“1954” is the lead single from Michaela’s debut EP. “1954″ is an infectious, hook laden pop song full of sass and defiance. However, hidden beneath this vibrant and energetic pop song, Michaela conveys a more serious message about not conforming to societal norms and ignoring old- fashioned criticism. Pop music lovers around the world have deemed “1954” a pop smash – Popjustice labels the track a ‘a big pop tune,’ PressPlay states it’s “an absolute instant-win’ while Ultimate Music deems it “something fresh, catchy and wonderfully perfect.”

Michaela’s songwriting abilities have not gone unnoticed as she has written with a handful of producers and songwriters that have also worked with global superstars: Jimmy Napes (Sam Smith/Disclosure/Clean Bandit), Simon Ellis (Britney Spears/ S Club 7), Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera) and Tom Diesel (Russell Crowe, Danni Minogue). Michaela states, “Songwriting is an art form that isn’t receiving much love at the moment both financially and publicly; and I think the songwriting community is desperately trying to change that. We are living in a world where Max Martin only JUST received his first Grammy last year, which is a complete travesty as he is a musical genius. But no matter what state the music business is in, I will always be completely obsessed with making great pop music.”

However, Michaela’s journey thus far hasn’t really been that easy. A couple false starts as an artist that didn’t go anywhere, a move into songwriting for a couple years and writing for known pop acts who all passed on her material, and no management or label funding. But this isn’t a sob story because nobody has time for that. But what this is, is the journey of someone who didn’t give up. Michaela decided to stick her middle finger up and all the naysayers, the false starts, the non-believers and release the material herself.  This marks a new chapter for Michaela and ”1954” is just the beginning.






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  “Sometimes music is fun, and sometimes it has a message; in this case, it’s both.”


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“The desirably poppy nature of Michaela May’s ‘1954’ might have spooked the women’s lib movement of 1954, but in 2016 it is likely to be drunk up and served out at the top of the lungs by likeminded sing out sisters.”  


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“A refusal to meet your preconceived notions shoots glitter and sunbeams out of a cannon. In a world where every move is seemingly not only watched but judged as well, May sneers at your antiquated notions with something she’s obviously been eager to say for a while.”  


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“The now Canadian-based singer is already making waves with the track, which is a straight out pop track that lyrically sticks its middle finger up to anyone who dares suggest you have to conform.”  


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