Michaela Bekenn


Michaela Bekenn is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary singer-songwriter, sound therapy & yoga practitioner, dancer, and storyteller. She was steeped in the arts from a young age, growing up within the Shaw Festival Theatre community where she spent two seasons as an actor. Telling stories through song, movement, and spoken word has been a guiding force in Michaela’s work and daily practice. Michaela currently serves a wide variety of demographics as a sound therapy practitioner, yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, and arts educator with youth. She has offered sound baths and performed at major festivals such as Download Music Festival (England) and Electric Picnic (Ireland). Michaela has had years of training in vocal technique and musical storytelling, and often captivates listeners with her raw and honest sound. As a songwriter, Michaela’s intention is to share music that is both enlivening and grounding for the listener, which encourages self reflection and community connection.




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