Mike Legere


Mike Legere is a Nova Scotian multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and producer based out of Toronto. When he’s not playing with bands Century Thief and Places Erupt, Mike writes indie-folk which tends to be lyrically surreal and dense. He’s toured Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada with his bands, and recorded and produced several records.

His debut solo album Ourselves in Public will be released June 8, 2018. The album reflects on themes of social-identity; how our interactions with others shape our sense of self, our ego. It’s about the joy, frustration, anxiety and creativity that comes from participating in the social sphere. Mike recorded the album in a variety of spaces throughout Toronto, Montreal and Paris; several studios, apartments (some with broken windows), closets, rehearsal spaces, on an awning during a rainstorm, public squares, restaurants and subway cars.

Songs like Rebirth, Into the day and Reputation expand on the transformation that occurs when we leave our personal space and walk among the crowds, go to work, school, through the streets and shared spaces. They talk about how we shape others with our perspective, expectations and demands, and in turn how observation changes our behavior.

Yourself compares our social identity to who we are when we are alone. It describes a resistance to the identity forged by the expectations of family, friends and strangers, and the loneliness of standing in opposition. The final track, Curtains//Floating Heads addresses a rowdy audience at a nightclub, discussing the feeling of being both a performer and a spectator, the expectations, wonder, fatigue and artificiality that makes up this precarious relationship.

As a whole Ourselves in Public is about the duality of searching for participation and belonging in a group while maintaining a distance and claiming autonomy, sonically building up noise-scapes and tension which either dissolve or find resolution in melody.


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