M’Grasker are a coven of humanoid meat sacks forged in the Vats of Creation by Dr. Gorp, himself. Their mission: to Rock. However, they are also permitted to Roll. Human terminology might define them as a “band”, however they would be more accurately described as Biological Property of M’Graskorp Unlimited Enterprises and Subsidiaries of the GlanGlan Group.

Much of M’Grasker’s DNA was salvaged from the backstage areas and bathrooms of seedy Toronto music venues and transferred via Scienetic Quantum Hurtlage to the M’Graskorp Labs, located just beyond Space and Time (and slightly to the left). There, the illustrious Dr. Gorp folded the DNA into his patented bio-muck through perverse osmosis, adding a large scoop of adrenaline and dashes of other substances that can’t be named, much less comprehended.

After releasing their curt 69 track EP “Under the Righteous Sky” in 2022, the band endured a brief transmogrification when canine DNA entered the Vats, resulting in the dog themed follow up “Must Love Doggy” in 2023. In the ensuing battle for control of M’Graskcorp Unlimited Enterprises, the canine iteration of M’Grasker was destroyed, and the loveable lads from Lab 7 were rebirthed in nearly human form from the primordial ooze.

The band is legally obligated to be happy to announce their third offering: “M’Grasker” by M’Grasker. The album is scienetically guaranteed to blow domes in 2024. M’Graskorp’s renowned legal team compelled Jesse Turnbull (Taurus Music) and Dave Monks (of Tokyo Police Club) to engineer and produce the album under threat of barely-lethal force.

Expect several advance transmissions in the form of singles. Set your friggin’ duneslice to creased.




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