Mercy Flight


Mercy Flight is a project fronted by Steve York, a veteran of Toronto’s vibrant music scene. While Nirvana and Pearl Jam were popularizing grunge music in Seattle, Steve and his band SST were pioneering the grunge rock scene in Toronto. Mercy Flight is the natural evolution of that earlier sound with his current collaborators Katey Morley (Gypsy Soul), Dan Miller (Valerie Dour) Tony Rabalao & Tom McKay (Joy Drop) and Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga). All powerhouse musicians in their own right, together they form the foundation of Mercy Flight’s indie folk sound while giving it a modern sonic twist.

Together with his band members Steve can be found hosting Toronto’s biggest open mic Freef’all Sundays at the Supermarket Bar and the Indie Night at the Piston. For more than a decade, Steve has hosted, built and fostered a large community of musicians from all over the world.





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