Maybelleen is the name Peter and Charles Camiré gave to their muse. They will tell you that it’s possibly a fairy or a mythical spirit they’ve bump into, somewhere between our world and another dimension. It inspired the band to design their own genuine Pop rock sound.

The brothers got involved in song writing at a very young age. Music has always been the main subject in the family. They formed the duo in the summer of 2012 and started playing acoustics sets in their hometown of Montreal. Enthusiastic about making their performance a bit louder, they took inspiration from 80’s New wave acts and started programming punchy backing tracks to accompany the songs and enhance their live set.

Having organized a 45 shows tour in the UK in 2016, Maybelleen clearly understands what the touring life is all about. The brothers also toured several times in Ontario and took pleasure in testing their new material in the province.

Now based in Toronto since 2018, Maybelleen are constantly playing shows in the city and are about to release their 3rd, self-produced EP ‘The Paris Tapes’ in the spring of 2019.




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