Martha Zed


Pop music with a gangster grunge heart and lyrics that explore themes of despair, paranoia and the absurdity of life, Martha Zed’s musical output can best described as the ramblings of a reckless mind, consumed with curiosity for the world around her and a relentless desire to express her indefinable inner life in song.

The child of classically trained musicians, Martha grew up more concerned with Michael Jackson and The Beatles than Mozart and Brahms, finally landing squarely on an obsession of all things 90’s, incorporating the angst driven outlook of Nirvana and PJ Harvey, absurdist pop humour of Weezer, and street sensibilities of hip-hop into one weird musical package. An accident prone daredevil with self-destructive tendencies, Martha’s undiminished pursuit of madcap adventure has led her down some bizarre paths over the years, and her experiences and subsequent insights about living inform much of her lyrical output.




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