Originally hailing from Connecticut, Madelline is an artist based out of Montreal.

Having recently acquired her own studio, Madelline’s entire process of making music was switched up – allowing her to take things into her own hands. Madelline’s forthcoming NOISE COMPLAINT EP was mixed over Zoom, her mixing engineer being a great musical partner who really helped get the vibe right.

Madelline spent days locked up in Mirabel, a small town outside of Montreal, from April to June – anxious and not knowing what to do but create. It was the only thing there was to focus on.

Even though she was staying at a friends house, the two barely saw one another except for meals and TV before bed. It was depressing but also productive – the only thing that gave Madelline comfort.





Madelline shares new single, “On a Different Wave!” with Bizzarre Magazine

Madelline shares new single, “On a Different Wave!”


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The track is a classy fuck you to the guys who dragged her down, an ode to being better than ever without them resulting in a sassy and empowering pop track that showcases the brassy tones of her vocal as well as her witty lyrical prowess. Pop music like this is made for long car […]


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