Lucy Morgan


Lucy Morgan is a singer/songwriter from Port Stanley, Ontario. She grew up with music in her life from the very beginning. With a musician for a dad, performing has always been in her blood. As kids, Lucy and her sister Emily used to put on skits and shows for the neighbourhood. Lucy was the shy one and Emily inspired her to move past her nerves.

When her sister died of cystic fibrosis, Lucy’s young world was flipped upside down. Musical theatre became her escape. She could immerse herself in a role and forget her harsh reality for a while. After completing a BFA in theatre and drama studies, Lucy tried her hand at songwriting. She found it to be the greatest form of therapy. Turning her deepest emotions into lyrics and a melody was a beautiful metamorphosis. As if a weight was being lifted off of her heart.

Letting the world hear her songs feels like closing the chapter that inspired them. We are all so deserving of healing and music can be such an important piece of that puzzle. She believes it is our universal language and feels so blessed to provide a space for others to connect emotionally through her music.




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