Lou Z


Following 2 singles, Scandinavian alternative rock artist Lou Z has now squeezed a debut EP out of his favorite electric guitar. The music is slow, dirty and melancholic. Behind Lou Z’s druggy vocals and his worn-out leather jacket, vinyl loops and vintage vibey guitars swarm and weave an analogue-feeling audio backdrop that sets the scene. One of the main inspirations for the songs of the EP comes from a search of remembering the feelings, thoughts and confusions of being a teenager. A time in life where experiences and emotions are amplified to ridiculous levels, but also a time of great curiosity, energy, carelessness and fun. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where for a moment you get to be cast right back to that cauldron – even though it’s now somewhat less intense.

The EP was made during the fall of 2018 in a cave-like neon drenched studio in central Copenhagen where songwriter and Lou Z main conspirator Lauritz Carlsen resides, and where the world gets locked out for periods of time to fully focus on shaping new sounds and writing songs. Working together with acclaimed and noteworthy musicians, songwriters and producers on the Danish music scene Lou Z gathers their inputs ranging from soul, electronic, hip-hop, pop and guitar-infused songwriting to a string of driving and soulful songs – that you just might want to label rock n soul.

The track “Before You Go” is the third single and comes out with the full EP. It’s a co-write between Lauritz Carlsen and Hannah Schneider (AyOwA) who is also featured on the track. The session started out with a vision of writing a song that would feel very picturesque, and where the feel of the track would immediately make a film play on your inner screen, whatever film it then turns out to be. Lou Z: ”The track features danish hip-hop and pop drummer Abas Bathily (Iris Gold), who is an old friend of mine. To get that heavy feel of a solid slow neo-soul or hip-hop track. Or the Black Keys – they have that bottom end as well.”

Lou Z on the EP: “The making of this EP has been a very lonely process – mostly being on my own in the studio which I don’t mind at all. It’s nice to envision the ideas for the tunes and then after a while take it outside and play it to some of your trustees. Then dive back to your own safe creative space again with the new input. I love the electric guitar so that’s the most important piece of clothing when the songs are getting dressed up. I find it really hard to stop recording electric guitar parts, so I always end up with way too much 6-string on the tracks and then have to get rid of most of it again – keeping the best bits and pieces. I also tried to work a lot with loops of different kinds: drum loops, noises or some vinyl grit. To give the music a more contemporary feel and to add a compliment to the usual rock instruments”


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