Locals Only Sound


Both an artist project and a prolific Toronto based-producer collective, Locals Only Sound was conceived by classmates Gray Hawken and Curtis Smith while attending Earl Haig Secondary School. Hawken and Smith write, record and release their own music as Locals Only Sound in addition to producing and developing new talent and bringing a fresh perspective and unique sound to established artists. The boys in Locals Only Sound focus their appreciation for alt-electronic music and combine it with their abiding passion for R&B vocals along with modern beats.

“The first project, OPUS1, which the pair describe as an extended EP or more accurately a mixtape, is only the first installment of Locals Only Sound’s partnership. “The core of our vibe and style is from the alt-electronic, R&B world; because that’s the feel we’re living now. But it also takes in influences from rock and the singer/songwriter genres,” says Smith, adding that he comes from the classic rock world with a more introspective singer/songwriter style, while Hawken comes from a musical family, surrounded by Jazz instruments at home, and time spent in choir.

As the production company that developed alt-pop buzz artist, Blaise Moore, they were responsible for crafting a distinct pop alternative sound that landed her a deal with Interscope Records. Since that time, they’ve been in-demand writer/producer/remixers for a diverse group of artists spanning multiple genres. Nowhere is this illustrated more clearly than when these two kids from the suburbs produced and wrote for R&B legend and 9X Grammy Award Nominee, Tamia. Locals Only Sound have also lent their production talents to pop sensation Jojo, Spanish pop stars Gemeliers, Alt/Rock newcomer Craig Stickland, and as critically acclaimed remixers for 2018 Grammy Winning Best New Artist, Alessia Cara.


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