Back in 2010, LiYON started working as a full-time songwriter and producer, making music for films, ads and other artists. After years behind the scenes in Toronto and Los Angeles (and winning a Gemini award along the way), he returned to his hometown of Montreal. That’s when he started making music as LiYON, as a way to release what had been building up in his heart and soul.

Through his search for clarity, LiYON realized that he had to forget about the business side of music, and let himself be what he was deep down all along, an artist. This gave him new air, a new wind, and helped him develop his authentic & catchy synth pop sound. We can now see him happy on social media, joking around, skateboarding, chilling with his cute cat, and creating the best new music he has ever made. He replies to everyone and loves to connect with fans.

With his goal of acceptance and inclusion in the world, LiYON combines an ambitious vintage pop sound with meaningful experience. LiYON’s talents and ideals of authenticity will carry him to a promising career capable of exceeding new heights.





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