LISA’s offbeat style is genuinely disarming and naturally draws you in. Born and raised in Montreal, this eclectic artist manages to create music that is both nostalgic and avant-garde. Playful melodies washed in dreamy synths, recall bands such as The Zombies and Angel Olsen.

From a young age LISA has been enamoured of people’s unique connection between personal style and self-expression. With a background in theatre and fashion, she takes great pleasure in exploring her voice and vision through all types of mediums. She hopes to create content which challenges listeners without alienation.

Over the past year, with the help of producer David Granshaw LISA has been recording on the Isle of Wight, at Chale Abbey studios. Through this process LISA has been joined by so many talented musicians, invested beyond a paycheck they have all brought their own unique sensibilities to the project. As the songwriter and visionary she feels her contribution materializes in the form a skeleton with a beating heart, it is up to the team to get him dressed and ready for the ball.

Preceding her debut release LISA has already had her music featured in numerous projects. Some of these credits include short films and web series which have premiered and screened all over the world including the Austin and Cannes Film Festivals.

LISA is one of those jerks who is good at everything. You know the type. The kind of person you want to hate, except that obviously one of the many, many things they excel in is being very humble and very helpful. Woof. She has an eccentric flare which catches your eye from across the room but her low key demeanour and dry delivery make it all feel cool and genuine. Her music is the same. There is a classic quality in her voice and melodies which is challenged by a cheeky, rebellious undertone. Think Edith Piaf backed up by The Kinks. She is fluent in French, she has performed in front of hundreds of people disguised as a man, she has designed clothing while living in Charlie Chaplin’s old house, she can make a devastating margarita and she’s the best darn softball ringer anyone could ever ask for.

LISA is intrigued by what makes everyone different and unique. From a young age she naturally deviated from following the path most travelled and is unfazed by challenging expectations. Growing up in a bilingual household, LISA’s mind is often floating between French and English creating a lush landscape for her original and authentic voice to emerge. LISA credits her father for sharing his love of all music with her. Immersed and enamoured with all genres and flavours, she holds a special place in her heart for the iconic jazz voice of Billie Holiday and the unabashed eccentricity of David Bowie.

LISA is…. A birthday cake, not craving any sweets. A brand new puzzle, framed incomplete. A perfect day, still a restless sleep. An open book, in a sea of screens. A secret ace, stuck in a sleeve. A faithful friend, that you never meet… maybe not?

After LISA’s debut self-titled EP release, she will be back in England to complete the recording of a follow up EP pegged to come out in the fall of 2019. LISA will be playing shows around Canada and workshopping new material with her band. LISA loves to make weird shit, all of the time. She will be funnelling all of her creative experiments through her instagram @crappybirthdaylisa and her website




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