Liam Barrack


Toronto based singer-songwriter Liam Barrack takes a unique approach to his first single ‘Sick Kisses’ — a song about a girlfriend who left him with a broken heart and a bad cold.

Written in response to a play his then ex-girlfriend wrote and performed about him, the pre-pandemic lyrics have only become more relevant as Covid wreaks havoc on people’s relationships around the world.

“She was my first serious girlfriend. We were together for nine months, and then got back together for about a week at the start of the school year. During that week, she got me really sick, then left me again,” Liam recalls. “The concept of the song is ‘I don’t mind you getting me sick, so long as that means we can be together.’”

Liam, who graduated from Bishop’s University in Quebec, did a joint degree in Music and Computer Science. While he thoroughly enjoys the latter, he loves Music above all else, and has dedicated himself to learning multiple instruments including guitar and piano.

“Everyone wants their dream to be self-sustaining. My ultimate goal is to have my music support itself, so I can continue to do the thing I love.”




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