Lavender Child


Lavender Child began singing and humming before she knew how to form words as a child; it has always naturally been an integral part of her life. Although singing was as intuitive as breathing, playing an instrument did not come as naturally. She grew up pursuing many different genres from classical, broadway, indie-folk, to singing jazz standards on the bandstand.

The last five years have been inspired by yoga and music; her album Reflections aspires to attribute the same meditative healing quality. While studying music at Humber College, she was introduced to new composition possibilities through vocal loop pedals. Rather than attempting to compose with an instrument, her vocal pedal became the tool that enabled her songwriting. Each song on the EP began as a meditative improvised vocal loop. She would spend several hours experimenting with layering vocals on top of each other and then assigning melodic lines to an instrument later on music notation software. The lyrical content is created based on whatever thoughts were inspired from listening back on the vocal loop trance. After the main structure and concept of the song is conceived she would book a session with the recording band to make collaborative decisions for the final arrangements of the composition. Each piece would begin as an independent creation that would flower into a collective craft with the band. Lavender Child is passionate about the environment, community, and self exploration and this EP Reflections is a humble manifestation of these thoughts… “Our experience is the only truth that we know, here are some of mine”





Lavender Child debuts new single ‘Happy Illusions’ on The Revue!